How to Make Your Cannabis Business Dream a Reality


How to Make Your
Cannabis Dream a Reality.

Every entrepreneur dreams of discovering an untapped market where they could start with a low initial investment and build huge and successful business. The developing legal marijuana industry is the perfect canvas and right now is the most opportune time to start to build a marijuana business.

The sector is growing incredibly fast and there seems to be no stopping it. Marijuana is now legal for medical use in more than 50% of America’s states and it is also legal in all of Canada. This incredible movement is now being called the “Green Rush” because of it’s massive economic upside.

Here at BloomKit we understand the industry-specific barriers that can be in the way of you reaching your cannabis dream. Here are 3 tips and tricks we have compiled through our own experience so that you don’t waste your time. The spread of legalization will open up massive new markets and startups that get going now will have a big lead in asserting themselves as leaders in the industry.

You NEED to have an online presence. When it comes to getting your name out there, in no industry is it harder to do so than the cannabis industry. Traditional push tactics are rejected, meaning that you cannot market yourself through big advertising networks like TV, Radio, Billboard, and Social Media. Therefore, your website is your best friend and making sure that it is seen by your target market is of the utmost importance. We at BloomKit understand the unique barriers that get in the way of your cannabis dream, we also know how to work around those barriers to make sure that you have a fair chance at reaching your goals.

Your business needs to be optimized.The lifetime value of a cannabis customer can be as high as $1 Million. This being said, if your business is not optimized then you are missing out on the chance to actually understand every unique customer’s needs. We at BloomKit have all of the optimization tools ready for you to plug into your cannabis business so that you can better understand and serve your customers. In order to dominate the market you must understand the market.

Find a credible cannabis source to learn from. Experts from the cannabis industry are a necessity. BloomKit is the trusted voice of the cannabis industry, addressing the unique challenges that are presented to our community. Our complete solution has been built by experts that understand all the constraints that currently face the industry in both sectors: recreational and medicinal. Through detailed interviews and endless iterations our goal has been to build a community of cannabis experts that will help propel forward the growth of the cannabis industry. Our platform and content is built by industry experts, for industry experts.