7 Ways to Make Your First Cannabis eCommerce Sale

Your first dollar earned is a monumental accomplishment. This single dollar marks the transition from business idea to a real revenue-generating business. Learning how to market cannabis online will give you the initial head-start that all entrepreneurs dream of so read carefully and take notes!Unfortunately, brand new online retailers commonly open to something like the sound of cannabis buds growing: AKA no sound.This is a very common problem in almost every single industry in the world. The difference between those industries and the cannabis industry is that they have so many more marketing channels to explore. Making noise in the cannabis space is a real issue due to the fact that traditional push tactics are neglected - everything from TV to radio to Social Media advertising is a no-go.Here are 7 ways how to market cannabis online so that you can make your first online sale even before your Search Engine Optimization kicks in.1. Tell Family & Friends Imitate the already proven structure of multi-level marketing and tell ALL of your friends, family members and acquaintances about your newly created eCommerce website. Encourage them to share your social media links and website URL!2. Give Stuff Away Simply put, you can gain thousands of email subscribers by launching a product giveaway. Ask your targeted community to enter the contest - before or after your online store launches - and give them the chance to earn bonus entries for sharing the contest with their friends and family. Word of mouth marketing is Cannabis’s best friend!3. Make an Infographic Infographics visually display information in a way that makes it very digestible for the viewer. Have a talented designer create an infographic that shows of the products that you carry. For example, showcase your best selling strains or your most advanced THC yields. Show off your knowledge in order to build trust and brand loyalty. After all, Cannabis is customers take pride in their bud and want to know that who they are buying from understands their needs.4. Make a Community Video Video can be a very powerful way to get your brand narrative across to a massive audience across many platforms. Harness the engagement and potential reach that is unique to video content to promote your brand new business - whether that is retail or online.We also recommend integrating product videos into your online product page to better display your beautiful cannabis product. Show off your tinctures and crystallized flowers. Product attributes like these are very unique to the cannabis space.5. Have a fully dialed Blog & Reach out to Brand Ambassadors and Blogs Inbound content marketing is SO IMPORTANT. This takes us back to the fact that traditional push tactics are rejected when it comes to the cannabis industry. You must draw in your community with attractive, good quality content. Offer relevant content and make sure that it is aesthetically appealing. Nobody like reading bland content.6. Get Interviewed You are the expert. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. Cannabis is one of those products that requires expert knowledge from the business's team in order to be successful. Like we mentioned earlier, your community need to trust you. Not to mention that the cannabis sector is the hottest topic in North America at the moment meaning that reporters are always on the hunt for industry experts who can spread a positive word! Legalization world wide is inevitable.7. Crank Your Social Media Presence Over the past 10 years, how many blog articles have you read on the topic of how social media is so effective? The reason why there is so much content out there is because it works! Make sure you have a strong presence on all of the common social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Leafly, and Massroots.Also make sure that you don’t do anything to break their Terms of Service or else you risk losing your account and the community that you’ve worked so hard to build. This is a topic that we, at BloomKit, will revisit very frequently so stay tuned.LASTLY, be patient. It takes time, it takes hard work, and it takes dedication to get some traction. We’re here to help you with anything so don’t be a stranger and shoot us an email.