PRIMO | An Authentic Cannabis Lifestyle Brand for Weed Accessories

PRIMO | An Authentic Cannabis Lifestyle Brand for Weed Accessories

We wanted to give our friends over at Primo a great intro. Their offering of weed accessories is killer. Their story is worth sharing.

These guys aren’t conforming to the cannabis industry with stock images and fluffy promises from fake corporate entities. It would seem like everyone’s simply forgotten where cannabis culture comes from: the Established Underground. Primo’s hitting us with the truth and aligning their vision with that of cannabis history

You might have noticed how every piece of marketable branding that occupies the legal cannabis space in Canada, looks like it came from a Yoga ad or a pharmaceutical company. Well, these guys are pointing in the exact opposite direction and celebrating true cannabis pioneers. For no other reason than to properly celebrate the rich history of the weed industry. Why change something that DOESN’T need to be fixed?

“Our culture has a long and rich history that should be commemorated, not degraded or whitewashed for a faux, modern, corporate box. We’re Established Underground; raising the voice of authenticity that’s created this culture.”

Find new knowledge and all Primo has to offer in weed accessories.